Homes for Sale in SoDo – Georgetown

SoDo was originally named for being located South of the Kingdome.  But after the demolition of the stadium it took on the meaning South of Downtown.  It makes up part of the Industrial District, just south of Pioneer Square.  It includes the stadiums, warehouse buildings, assortment of businesses, and art galleries.  It’s a unique shopping district with interior and exterior home furnishings, known by all contractors.  One of the biggest attractions, is the home of Starbucks world headquarters located in a converted Sears building on First Avenue South.  To the south of SoDo is the oldest neighborhood in Seattle, Georgetown, founded in 1851.  Home to the original Rainier Brewery in 1882.  Only 5 miles south of downtown Seattle, it’s an strong residential community, growing retail district, and thriving in the arts.