Ballard Real Estate

Ballard is one of Seattle’s oldest neighborhoods and was settled by Danish and Finnish immigrants in the mid 1880’s.  Ballard real estate seekers will find a wonderful enclave of history and culture in the land between NW 85th St and the ship canal, the Puget Sound to 8th Ave NW. Today, it’s deep Scandinavian roots are reflected in its historic landmarks, museums such as the Nordic Heritage Museum, and cobblestone winding streets. Ballard’s neighborhood identity is arguably the strongest in Seattle, with many longtime residents proud to display bumper stickers proclaiming “Save Ballard”, “Ballard, WA” and “Uff Da”, a Scandanavian expression.

Homes for Sale in the Ballard Real Estate Market

Many aspects of the neighborhood have changed over the last few years, with Ballard real estate mix being no exception. A significant effort to develop a strong condominium market has altered some of the former character of some single unit houses, much to the chagrin of some locals. Nevertheless, some beautiful houses with charm and character – not to mention sweeping Puget Sound and Olympic views – remain. Or if condos are more your style, you’ll find some plush units to proudly call home.

Neighborhood & Community

Ballard’s trendy cafes, neighborhood pubs, and unique shops have made this neighborhood a favorite destination for locals and visitors alike.  The community of Ballard is well known for The Ballard Locks, and Golden Garden Park with its panoramic views of the Olympic Mountains. Locals and visitors alike flock to the Ballard Farmer’s Market, which operates year round. Most farmer’s markets are only open in the summer months, plus the Ballard operation offers shoppers a very large selection of local produce, wares and artisanal goods.

While considering the perfect Ballard abode for your real estate needs, take a historic walking tour to get a sense of the Ballard of olden days. Parents, you can find information on local school districts here, plus Ballard High School is home to one of the most widely recognized schools in the Seattle area. Go Beavers!